Mom Tracks Baby's First Year With Tasty 'Shake Shack' Burger Photos

You've probably seen new moms posting pictures of their newborns showing their monthly growth. It's such a popular thing moms love to do and it's definitely cute to witness. But all the pictures are pretty much similar in style, so I have to say, it gets a little boring.

However, this mom came up with something really different and it's not only adorable but also totally yummy. You gotta see this.

Lindsay Morrison, a pastry chef who also loves burgers, came up with a genius idea for her baby's milestone photos.

She decided to pose him with Shake Shack burgers.

Lindsay was never into salty foods until she totally maxed herself out on sugar while studying in pastry school.

Then she ended up eating a burger she absolutely loved.

She loved it so much she wanted to put a picture of it above her and her husband's bed but the husband wasn't too fond of the idea.

Ha, ha!

She totally ignored that little detail and actually ended up putting a photo of his favorite burger on his side of the bed, and her favorite burger on her side.

This is amazing.

When they found out she was pregnant, they took the joke even further and put a picture of a slider above the crib.

The burger obsession really took off.

They even started calling her belly "baby burger" and ended up having a burger-themed baby shower too.

When the little babe was born, she jokingly called him "Graham burger".

When it came to coming up with the baby's milestone pictures, Lindsay knew she had to do something different.

And what better way to celebrate her love of burgers too?

She would use a white presentation board laid out on the floor, get her burger box and pose her baby.

Lindsay would shake a rattle and hope for a smile.

The bigger the baby got, the more complicated the shoot would get.

Wrangling babies and dogs at the same time doesn't always work out that well. LOL!

One time while changing the baby's diaper during the shoot, her dog ate one of the burgers.

So she ended up driving out to get another one. Even though she got a new burger, the situation made her cry.

Once the baby started moving around, the shoots became even harder to do.

But in the end, they were even more fun and enjoyable for everybody involved.

Later on, they actually made the photoshoot a "burgers for lunch day" at Lindsay's parents' house.

That way everybody could participate and enjoy the burgers after the shoot.

Once baby Graham turned one there was no other way to celebrate but to throw another burger-themed birthday party.

I'm surprised they didn't get sick of burgers by then. Ha, ha!

What do you think of this idea of a burger-themed baby milestone photoshoot idea?

Instagram | @itslindsmorrison

Is this something you would do or is it just too much work to bother?

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