Retirement Home Residents Share Their Best Tips On Love For Valentine's Day

Hey, relationships aren't easy. You constantly have to work at them to keep the spark alive. And for most of us, we're just learning as we go. That's why it's always good to get the perspective of someone who's been there before.

To help those who are young and in love, the residents of Oak Park Place Retirement Home were invited to share their best relationship advice, and the residence posted their tips on Facebook.

Turns out, there was a healthy appetite for their tips, as the post quickly went viral, garnering 28,000 reactions, 240,000 shares, and more than 12,000 comments.

Check out the advice from the residents and see for yourself!

Phil says, "You kind of have to speak the same language. Have good communication."

Facebook | Oak Park Place

That's one of those things you do have to work at, but as Phil points out, it's worth the effort. Communication is key!

Don says, "Come home and keep on loving them!"

Facebook | Oak Park Place

Aww, that's sweet, and gets right down to the heart of it all: momentum helps, and you have to stick with it to keep the momentum going. Honestly, I think Don's advice could be a country song, if it isn't already.

Ellen says, "Always smile at those you love."

Facebook | Oak Park Place

And who can't get on board with a smile? And you know what? Science is on Ellen's side: smiling has been shown to put you in a better mood, as well as lifting up your loved ones.

Bob says, "Be faithful. She should be the one and only."

Facebook | Oak Park Place

Something tells me Bob has noticed what a beating fidelity has taken in the age of Tinder and the like, and it's true. We all want to be someone's one and only, and they should be our one and only too.

Allan says, "Never go to bed angry."

Facebook | Oak Park Place

Well that's good advice for a solid night of sleep if nothing else! But it also means getting problems in your relationship out in the open, where they can be addressed, and not letting them fester.

Wanda says, "Treat everyone like you want to be treated."

Facebook | Oak Park Place

The Golden Rule always applies, whether you're in a relationship or not, but nothing will lead to a relationship's ruin like not treating your partner how you'd like to be treated. Thanks for the reminder, Wanda!

Rita says, "Two words: Yes, dear!"

Facebook | Oak Park Place

Well, not sure Rita's advice needs much explanation, but put another way, "Happy wife, happy life!"

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