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New Video Reveals Robert Pattinson In The Batman Suit

After months and months of patiently waiting for something, anything about the new Robert Pattinson Batman movie, it looks like we're finally going to see the most important part: what Pattinson looks like in the Batsuit.

Buckle up, because the suit looks beyond amazing.

And so, the moment of triumph approaches.

YouTube | MsChristina70

For months, we have been talking about The Batman.

Seriously, the talk has never stopped.

Although a lot of people had some divided thoughts about Pattinson taking the role, people are slowly getting on board.

There isn't too much we know about the actual movie beyond the castings.

For example, we know that there are going to be tons of villains in the movie.

Right now it looks a little crowded, but we are so confident that it will do well.

Beyond Pattinson, one of the other major castings was Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman.

Instagram | @zoeisabellakravitz

The star is currently sporting her Catwoman haircut, and fans are very excited to see her chemistry on-screen with Pattinson.

But of course, the most important thing beyond the casting, is how Pattinson will look and sound as Batman.


People want to know if he will deepen his voice like Bale, or if he will just focus on his American accent in general.

So when Matt Reeves, who is making the movie, dropped a video of Pattinson in the suit, the internet lost it.


And fans are noticing some intense similarities between Pattinson's Batman and another one.

But no, not Christian Bale.

They are noticing that the suit has the same futuristic and mechanical vibe as the Arkham series suit.

Sure, the cowl and cape look very similar to Adam West's Batman.


But will this new suit mean that we're getting some of the Arkham storylines given to us?

The possibilities are currently endless.

Based off Reeves' comments about the film, we can assume that "Arkham" will definitely be one of the main points of influence for the movie.

But Reeves isn't limiting himself to just that.

He is taking Batman back to his detective days.

"It's very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale," Reeves said.

"It's told very squarely on his shoulders, and I hope it's going to be a story that will be thrilling but also emotional."

"It's more Batman in his detective mode than we've seen in the films. The comics have a history of that."


"He's supposed to be the world's greatest detective, and that's not necessarily been a part of what the movies have been."

"I'd love this to be one where when we go on that journey of tracking down the criminals and trying to solve a crime."


"It's going to allow his character to have an arc so that he can go through a transformation., he finished.

So now that we've hyped you up with what we know about the movie, it's time to dive into the newest release we have been gifted.

Are you ready?

The biggest video until the trailer has now been released.

Instagram | @comicbook, DC

We have an entire screen test for the suit.

You don't really need to know what a screen test is to enjoy what's coming, so don't worry about it.

Check this out:

Our first video look of Robert Pattinson in the Bat suit. Feast your eyes upon it, reader, for it is beautiful and terrifying all at once.

This is going to be a good movie.

But the question is: are you excited for the movie?

Twitter is sounding off with excited opinions, but we want to hear yours!

Let us know below in the comments!