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Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Bleached Eyebrows In Dramatic Makeup Free Selfie

There are some bold looks you can try with your hair, with your makeup, or with your clothing that are probably only wearable if you're a celebrity.

Pretty much no matter what that look is, Lady Gaga has probably already tried it before too.

Lady Gaga has been experimenting with makeup lately.

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She's recently released her makeup line, Haus Laboratories, which is going for the more weird/artistic/creative side of the makeup industry rather than the high fashion side, so it makes sense for Gaga to be going out on some makeup related limbs.

She's also well known for her experimental fashion looks.

From bubble dresses to meat dresses to just plain wild choices with fabrics and cuts, Gaga has always been on the very cutting edge of fashion.

We shouldn't be surprised that Lady Gaga is ready and willing to take style risks the rest of us wouldn't dream of, like, you know, bleaching your eyebrows.

Instagram | @ladygaga

When she shared this makeup-free photo, people were still somehow shocked that Gaga had gone the eyebrow free route that took over high fashion in the past few years.

Other celebrities have gone the bleached route over the years.

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Like Miley Cyrus, who rocked it for a while during her more rebellious "Wrecking Ball" era. Honestly, it looks like pulling off this look is all about confidence.

Demi Lovato approves of Gaga's look, commenting "Hot," with a flame emoji on the shot.

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Fans were conflicted, however, with some waiting for her to change up the look and others loving the alien vibes. "Never don’t bleach your eyebrows again queen," reads one comment, and if you cancel out the double negatives, it looks like that fan wants her to keep the bleched eyebrows around forever!

What do you think?

Would you ever bleach your eyebrows, or are they too sacred a part of your face to be messed with? Let us know in the comments below!