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Carrie Underwood's Son Thinks She's 70, According To His Homework

Kids say the darndest things!

In a new Instagram post, Carrie Underwood just shared the hilarious things her four-year-old son, Isaiah, wrote about her on his homework.

You've got to see this!

In case you've somehow been living under a rock for the past several years, this is Carrie Underwood.

The country singer first rose to fame on the reality singing competition show, American Idol, which she won in 2005.

Since then, her life has become mighty different.

For one, her net worth is estimated to be $85 million, a far cry from the modest life she used to have when she was unknown and worked in a gas station.

She's won several prestigious awards, such as the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2007 and she's even collaborated with some of country's biggest names, such as Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

Instagram | @carrieunderworld

She's also married to former professional hockey player, Mike Fisher.

Together, the pair, who wed in 2010, have two sons, Isaiah, 4 and Jacob, 1.

Instagram | @carrieunderworld

Back in December, the star shared her best advice for being a working mother in a revealing interview to Buzzfeed.

She began by revealing that she took Jacob, who was three months old at the time, on tour with her earlier in 2019.

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" [...] we juggled and managed. It was really hard, but it was good," she revealed.

She confessed that she was also very tired from balancing motherhood with her career.

"As working moms, we have to do the best we can, and cut ourselves some slack," she said to working mothers everywhere.

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"My job's kinda weird. But you just figure your way through it, and women, we ladies are good at that."

On Instagram, Underwood will sometimes gives fans a glimpse into what life is like with her two kids.

Like when she made an adorable birthday post for her son!

"It’s so bittersweet watching your children grow up. You want them to stay little and chubby and cuddly forever but it’s also so much fun seeing them turn into little people!"

Instagram | @carrieunderwood

"The day I became your mother was the day my life changed forever."

Recently, she even shared something hilarious that many moms might relate to.

It's seriously the sweetest story imaginable and is super relatable.

“Soooo…apparently I’m 70 and I’m really good at doing the laundry,” she captioned this hilarious photo of her son Isaiah's homework.

Instagram | @carrieunderworld

While the four-year-old got her name right, things soon went horribly wrong as he put her age down as 70.

In reality, the singer is 36!

Instagram | @carrieunderworld

Despite this very serious age mistake, he got some things right.

For example, he wrote that his mom's hair is blonde and her eyes are brown.

And he even included this precious fact about his mother:

"My mother always says, 'I love you'."

How freaking cute is that?!

As Carrie noted in her caption, she's apparently also really good at laundry!

And, “If I could buy my mom any gift I would buy her a cake,” another answer read.

He might need to get her one now after aging his mother about, oh, 35 years!

Fans and celeb pals on Instagram found Isaiah's answers so hilarious.

Instagram | @carrieunderwood

"Bahahaha," wrote fellow country singer, Miranda Lambert.

"This is amazing," added Lindsay Ell.

They also praised the mom of two for having her priorities straight, despite being a mega-star:

Instagram | @carrieunderwood

In addition to her music career, the singer also has her own athletic clothing company called Calia by Carrie.

So, yeah, she is definitely busy yet kicking butt at balancing all of it without sacrificing being the kind of mother her kids need.

Because of this, her child will definitely grow up healthy and balanced!

The four-year-old's answers made so many people smile:

Instagram | @carrieunderwood

Others were happy that his answers showed how down-to-earth Carrie is, since her favorite activities read a lot like regular folks'.

Instagram | @carrieunderworld

"If you’re a major celebrity country singer and your son thinks your job is doing laundry, you’re doing something right!!" another added.

This is a huge deal since most celebs with her kind of wealth hire a maid.

Celebs have tons of help raising their kids because of their super busy schedules.

Carrie's post may have caused a laugh, but at the end of the day, it goes to show what kind of amazing mom she is.

Forget being a world-class mom, she's definitely a world-class mama!