10+ Surprising Uses For Upcycled Towels

Towels: they're way more versatile than you've ever dreamed.

Whether you're looking to upcycle your old towels, or found an interesting one at the thrift store, these projects may just inspire you to pull out your craft supplies.

Turn old towels into reusable "paper" towels.


If you have a bunch of mismatched towels, good news! They're still useful.

Following this tutorial from Makezine, you can turn your towels into reusable kitchen towels and ditch paper towels altogether.

Or take it a step further...

A Beautiful Mess

And actually make a roll of "unpaper" towels!

Over at A Beautiful Mess, Laura put her sewing skills to work and created a roll of reusable towels that snap together!

Make a beach towel tote.

Very Dark Horse

This hack solves two problems in one! Stella at Very Dark Horse figured out a way to make a tote that rolls out into a beach towel.

Oh, and the beach towel? It has a little pillow. I know. Genius.

Make yourself some produce bags!

Pop Sugar

This is next-level genius. You can use an old hand towel, or even a spare shirt to make this hack happen.

Put your sewing skills to great use and follow this tutorial to make it happen!

Turn them into outdoor throw pillows.

Home Jelly

Goodbye, uncomfortable, plastic-y canvas pillow cases! These pillowcases are all towel, and all comfy.

Home Jelly has a step-by-step guide to making this hack happen. Now you have excuse to keep an eye out for cool-looking towels!

Turn one into a baby bib.

Make It Love It

How cute is this? Using soft fabric and a terrycloth towel, you can make a reusable baby bib that you can throw in the washing machine after an inevitable mess.

Make a dog toy!

Everything Dog Blog

What does one do with a bunch of old scraps from your numerous towel upcycling projects? Well, you combine them all together, twist and tie them, and then hand them over to your dog.

One bath mat, coming right up.

Tip Hero

I mean, this is almost a no-brainer. Using a few different towels (for variety, of course), you can weave the towels into each other until you have a pattern you like.

I may actually do this one, not gonna lie. Get the tutorial here.

Sew a pouch for your soap.

Whimsy Love

Why rub soap into a washcloth when you could sew a pouch, stick the bar of soap in it, and rub yourself with that instead?

Honestly, this is galaxy-brain level thinking. Check out the process here.

Make a regular beach bag.

Easy Peasy Creative

This one won't roll out into a beach towel, but it will hold (and dry) all of your wet pool supplies!

This easy project can be found over at Easy Peasy Creative.

Turn them into car seat covers.

Condo Blues

Beach and pool days are so much fun. You know what isn't fun? Trying to keep your car dry after those days.

In this DIY, you can sew old towels into covers for your seats! Bonus points: they're totally washable, unlike your seats.

Make your own makeup remover pads.

Condo Blues

Disposable makeup remover towelettes? Oh, we are so not doing that anymore.

Condo Blues used scrap terry cloth to sew these reusable makeup wipes. Follow along with the tutorial here.

Make a cat hammock!

YouTube | NoLi

How precious is this? Make your furry friend (or son, or daughter) a DIY cat hammock using an old towel, some sewing skills, and some wood.

How cute would this be painted, too?

Create reusable Swiffer pads.

Bren Did

Goodbye, disposable Swiffer pads. Hello, more eco-friendly, reusable Swiffer pads!

Cut your old towels into Swiffer-sized squares. Make sure not to use one that's too thick, or it won't fit into the silicone catch on the top off the Swiffer!