11+ Genius Hacks That Come Courtesy Of The Dollar Store

The dollar store. The place where the serotonin hits from doing some retail therapy comes at the low, low price of $1.

It's also the place where DIY dreams are born. These crafty hackers have taken some solid dollar store purchases and done some straight-up magic with them. Let's check it out...and then go check out, if you know what I mean. (You do.)

Make this amazing milk glass vase.

YouTube | Lone Fox

This hack is as simple as it is gorgeous. All you'll need is a glass vase from the dollar store, some fake pearl dots, hot glue, and white spray paint.

Check out Lone Fox Home's tutorial right here.

Check out this hanging organizer.

Simple Made Pretty

This hack is definitely mind-blowing. Using broom handles, over-the-door towel racks, zip ties, baskets, and spray paint, Melanie at Simple Made Pretty created an entirely new storage system for her fruits and vegetables.

Keep your spices organized.

It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to have a Pinterest-worthy kitchen.

These simple spice jars were bought from the dollar store! Homemade labels were added, and now this drawer is almost too pretty to close.

Use a basket for your hand towels.

North Country Nest

This basket only needed a little help to meet its full potential. Wrap a bit of twine or thin rope around the handle of your chosen basket and display it proudly in your bathroom!

All this hack needs is twine.

Make & Do Crew

... And an old leather belt, but it's worth it.

Jess at Make & Do Crew provided a free pattern to follow for this crochet basket. All you need is some dollar store twine and something to use for the handles!

Make yourself some bookends.

Love Grows Wild

These bookends are so easy to make. Pick up a couple toy options from the dollar store, as well as some wood squares. Spray paint it all in your favorite color, assemble, and enjoy your new bookends!

Check out the tutorial on Love Grows Wild.

Put a file container to good use.

Wrapped in Rust

Don't have any files? Pick up some file storage anyway, because this hack is about to save you counterspace.

Using some heavy-duty hooks, hang your file organizer on the side of your counter. Bam, instant hair tool storage.

Paint your vases.

Sugar and Charm

The dollar store has no shortage of gorgeous vases, but they could use some personality.

Eden at Sugar and Charm decided to try out using enamel paint to give these vases a new look, and the result is a pastel dream.

Use a basket for your tall pots and pans.

House Beautiful

Ina Garten utilizes this trick, so you know it's good. Pick up a tall basket from the dollar store and use it to stack your wooden boards, cupcake pans, and drying racks!

Create some wall art.


There's so many avenues open to you with this creative hack from Craft-O-Maniac.

Pick up a few clipboards at the dollar store and customize them however you want — paint the clips, paint the back, etc.

Then place some of your favorite art in the clip and relish in your own creativity! You deserve it.

Create the mirror of your dreams.

Small Home Love

Sunburst mirrors have been popular for a while, but the prices tend to be pretty brutal.

So, what's a crafter to do? Pick up a mirror and some bamboo skewers from the dollar store and follow this tutorial from HandMadera, of course.

Make your own mousepad.

The Crafted Life

Let's face it: If you're picky, finding a mousepad that fits your style is next to impossible.

So, why not make your own? You can follow this tutorial from The Crafted Life and get inspired to make your desk as gorgeous as you've always dreamed it could be.

Make your succulents a glam home.

We Lived Happily Ever After

Oh, those planters? They're actually just cups.

Hannah at We Lived Happily Ever After wanted some gold pots for her succulents, but didn't want to pay too much. Enter some dollar store glasses and some spray paint!

You will not believe what this shelf is made of.

Home Talk

Listen, you may have to also hit up the home improvement store for part of this hack, but it's so worth it.

This gorgeous circular shelf is made of wood... and hula hoops. YUP. Hoola hoops. Check out how it was done here.