JoAnn Marrero | From Labor to Love

Photo Shoot Featuring A Chocolate Box Full Of Babies Is All We Need This V Day

You know how when you see something cute you say you want to eat it? Well, one photographer has taken that to a literal level.

A Connecticut-based photographer was inspired to create an adorable photo shoot based on a personal sweet memory.

When Connecticut-based photographer JoAnn Marrero gave her then-toddler son a box of chocolates one Valentine's Day, his enthusiastic response inspired her to put her own twist on a special treat.

She decided to put her mad photography skills to work and create the ultimate Valentine's Day box.

JoAnn Marrero | From Labor to Love

Except this one doesn't include chocolate; it's filled with adorable babies. She put a call out for babies who could sit (but couldn't yet crawl — i.e. escape) to be included in the shoot. She received 85 responses and whittled them down to 13, including one baby whose birth she had photographed.

"It was extra special having him there for it," she said to Parents.

Needless to say, it wasn't all sugar and spice.

JoAnn Marrero | From Labor to Love

Apparently, the first five minutes of the shoot were peaceful, but soon one baby started to cry, and the whole box was spoiled.

"One baby started crying really loud and set off a chain reaction of crying," Marrero said. While others thought it was playtime and time to suck on the large Hershey's Kisses that were props for the shoot.

Thankfully, Marrero is an experienced baby photographer, and was able to get the tots to sit still for a few shots.

JoAnn Marrero | From Labor to Love

"The goal was to just have fun, without expectations. It was a giant playdate and everyone made new friends," she said.

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