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You Can Order A Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Drink At Starbucks To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Starbucks "Secret Menu" drinks have definitely taken a life of their own over the years. Once created by baristas themselves and shared amongst each other, family, and friends, dedicated customers have now found ways to concoct their own creative drinks based on the ingredients that they know and love.

You may be familiar with Starbucks' Cold Foam Cold Brew drinks, and one customer found a creative way to jazz it up for Valentine's Day.

Instagram | @thatknoxvillegirl

Apparently it's meant to taste just like a chocolate-covered strawberry which is an iconic Valentine's treat and a great flavor combo in general.

Instagrammer @thatknoxvillegirl ordered a Venti Cold Brew with 2 pumps raspberry syrup, 2 pumps white mocha, and added cold foam blended with strawberry puree and topped with mocha drizzle.

Instagram | @thatknoxvillegirl

This is certainly one way to treat yourself on the day dedicated to all things lurve!

Now, this isn't a regular menu item, so definitely have the recipe ready for your barista.

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As a former barista, I am pleading with you. You will be a BIG help.

If you're more of a Frappuccino lover, try ordering a Strawberries and Cream Frapp with some Java Chips and add some mocha drizzle to the whip.

And if you're more of a hot drink fan, try a White Mocha with raspberry syrup, or a hot chocolate with raspberry syrup.

Aren't you lucky I'm a former barista giving you some delicious recommendations? I just want you to have the best indulgent Valentine's Day, because you deserve it!

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