Mom Begs Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids In Viral Twitter Thread

It's the height of flu season, which means it's a great time to remind ourselves of the importance of getting vaccinated. One mom's story should strike a chord with parents everywhere — and hopefully, lead to more kids getting vaccinated.

Look, no one likes getting a needle.

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It's over in an instant, but it's still not a pleasant experience. This may be part of the reason that such a strong anti-vaccination movement has emerged in recent years.

Well, that and a whole lot of misinformation.

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Ever since people got it into their heads that vaccines cause autism, doctors and disease-prevention organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control have had to reassert time and again that there is no credible evidence that links vaccines in any way, shape, or form to autism.

Nicole Stellon O'Donnell shared her story on Twitter.

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In a thread starting with this tweet, Stellon O'Donnell described a recent event. Her eight-year-old daughter has cancer, along with the weakened immune system that goes with it.

Her daughter was exposed to measles.

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At one time, measles was virtually eradicated in the West. Eradicating it completely is within reach, but not until more people get vaccinated.

As you're no doubt aware, however, getting people to do that isn't quite so simple anymore.

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As things stand, cases of the virus — which, again, was nearly eradicated — are on the rise.

It was an ordeal for her daughter.

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It sounds like a stressful time for an eight-year-old girl and her mom. But, as Stellon O'Donnell describes, the whole situation carried the knock-on effect of disrupting other cancer patients.

All of this, because of measles.

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The anti-vaxxer movement likely began in 1998 when British physician Andrew Wakefield wrote a report linking vaccines to autism. His 'study' was roundly debunked, to the point that he was stripped of his medical license.

Then, through no fault of her own, she became a risk that affected scores of other kids.

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And that's even without mentioned the cruel irony of those kids potentially having to get another vaccine with severe bone pain as a potential side effect thanks to the actions of those who don't trust vaccines.

Her poor daughter.

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Vaccines use the concept of herd immunity. This states, basically, that getting vaccinated doesn't just protect you — it protects everyone who comes into contact with you as well.

None of this needed to happen.

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Measles is one of those nasty viruses that once posed a threat to kids everywhere. If everyone got vaccinated, we'd be very close to never having to worry about measles again.

It was a difficult experience.

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This Twitter thread should strike a chord with any parent. Chemotherapy is a difficult enough experience for an eight-year-old.

Her tweets went viral.

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Other users chimed in with their own stories of measles exposure. Hospitals need to take these things very seriously, and it's all because of parents who don't bother to get their kids vaccinated.

Just do it.

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The effectiveness of vaccines is backed by cold, hard science. The idea that vaccines are harmful is backed by Jenny McCarthy and a bunch of people who aren't scientists or doctors.

Vaccines aren't mandatory.

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Part of the issue is that part of the benefit of living in a free society is that no one can force you to get your shots. That puts the onus on individuals to make sure they — and their kids — get vaccinated.

It's good to educate yourself.

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If you read up on any vaccine literature published by a reputable public health organization like the CDC, it's abundantly clear that vaccines save lives.

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