Katy Perry Awkwardly Explained Why She Didn't Invite Luke Bryan Or Lionel Richie To Her Wedding

There were ways of avoiding this. Jimmy, you could have asked any other question, but he chose to make it awkward between the American Idol judges.

Well, at least it was funny for us, the viewers.

It makes you wonder how the next show taping is going to go, or if anyone is going to be petty about it.

Alright, so the "American Idol" judges were on Jimmy Kimmel the other day...


Yes, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan all got to be on the talk show.

Things started out pretty light and fun... but that's when the awkwardness kicked in.

Jimmy asked Katy if Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan would be attending her wedding.


Perry is getting married to Orlando Bloom soon, and Jimmy just wondered if her fellow American Idol judges would be attending.

And as it turns out... They will not be there.

Not because they chose not to be. But Katy didn't invite them.


She says "she can't afford them" and "they're going to be busy". It was real, real tense, until Luke Bryan split the air with a joke:

"Lionel and I, we’ve been dropping hints and this solidified [it].”

Here's the interview. But be warned, it's really awkward.

Just thank your lucky stars you weren't in Katy Perry's position.

If you ever were, then man, we really feel bad for you.