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Ryan Reynolds Is Loving A Viral Zip Hack: 'I've Waited My Whole Life For This'

Ryan Reynolds is ready to blow your mind.

Your life will never be the same after you see this viral zip hack that the actor recently shared.

It's not very hard for Ryan Reynolds to make things go viral.

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He is Ryan Reynolds, after all.

Everything he touches immediately turns into comedy gold.

Like the time he gave his wife, Blake Lively, this oh, so sweet (read: evil) birthday tribute.

The couple is the very definition of #CoupleGoals since they're always joking around with each other.

Or when he took advantage of Peloton's failed commercial by hiring the ad's actress to promote his Aviation Gin.

The move was marketing at its best.

The commercial soon went viral and Ryan and his team were praised for their brilliant timing.

The commercial simply proved what we already know be true: that Ryan Reynolds is the master at trolling.

He's even been in a troll war with Hugh Jackman for several years now.

Just this last fall, Ryan tricked the "Logan" actor with this video on his 50th birthday.

While wearing a birthday hat, Ryan started things off sweetly, with him singing "Happy Birthday" to Hugh and even bringing people up on stage to join in.

But, of course, that nice act didn't last for long, as Reynolds gave Hugh the middle finger at the end and said, “And I’m not even [expletive] professionally trained Jackman you piece of [expletive]."

Ryan even went viral this past month after his 20-year-old dopplegänger was discovered on TikTok!

TikTok | @sssimplygrace, Instagram @vancityreynolds

Bryson Blake (the Ryan lookalike) and his girlfriend made a video on TikTok where he jokes about how Blake and Ryan are his parents.

And now, we bring you Ryan's most-recent viral moment, where he shared a zipper hack video on Twitter.

"I've waited my whole life for this," he wrote, the tweet quickly going viral.

It's now garnered 269k retweets and 1.2 million likes!

The video, which was originally posted by the Twitter account @engineeringvids, shows a zipper getting reattached using a fork.


The hack is done by taking the detached slider (this is the part you use to zip and unzip) and attaching it onto the prong of the fork (what you eat with).

You then slide down the teeth of the jacket onto the other prongs and then pull up the zipper.


Voilà, a fixed zipper!

Since broken zippers are a major inconvenience, fans rejoiced over the hack.

Replacing zippers are not cheap. A full zipper replacement can cost up to $65 dollars!

Some coats or sweaters aren't even that much money.

Since people wondered where this hack had been all their lives, they wanted to try it out ASAP.

"currently tearing apart zippers just to try this" this person tweeted.

The nifty hack even inspired people to share similar ones!

Like this person who taught other users how to properly fold their t-shirts.

Marie Kondo would be so proud.

Others, however, found the brilliant hack too good to be true.

Another fan added: "Exactly... I thought as much, after few steps it's open again!! Just don't know why something so small should be exhausting."

These naysayers need to keep their mouths zipped!

"Is it just me or was that clearly still broken..." added another.

Some of this backlash could be why the video has been deleted by the original poster.

Whether the hack actually works or not, this much is true: if it wasn't for Ryan sharing the video, the world wouldn't know about it.

Forget Deadpool; he's a modern-day superhero, solving our fashion woes one zipper at a time!