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Tennis Ball Loving Dog Breaks World Record For Number He Can Fit In His Mouth

Not every doggo loves tennis balls — mine prefer them smaller, squeakier, and red in color — but they definitely seem to be the classic choice for most pupperinos.

That said, most dogs limit themselves to a single ball at a time.

Not Finley.

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Finley the golden retriever likes his tennis balls in multiples and will carry them all stuffed up into his cheeks like a very awkward squirrel.

Since he was a puppy, Finley has loved a good game of fetch, but it wasn't until he was two years old that he started carrying more than one.

After the Molloy family tossed a few extra balls out in the yard, Finley began picking them all up.

Instagram | @finnyboymolloy

Clearly, he knows that one trip is far more efficient.

Over time, he's slowly managed to get up to six balls at a time, his mouth stretched out like a wild green grin.

And recently, he's made it all the way to six balls at once.

Instagram | @finnyboymolloy

This is an important number, because the current Guinness World Record holder is a golden named Augie, who proved he can hold five balls at once in 2003.

The photos clearly show that Finley has succeeded in breaking the record, but Guinness requires a thorough application process with video evidence.

The family recently posted a snippet of video from their most recent submission attempt.

The first three or four balls are easy to pick up, and then Finley will use his paws to carefully wedge the rest in.

Previous tries have been rejected due to things like the fact grass is green.

The new video was filmed in the winter to make sure the green tennis balls stand out.

To follow Finley on his journey to an official record, check him out on Instagram @finnyboymolloy.

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