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Red Lobster's Mardi Gras Cocktail Is Made With Two Kinds Of Rum And A Rock Candy Garnish

It's already mid-February, which means a few things. For one, it means that we are that much closer to hearing the birds chirping and seeing the buds forming on trees (woohoo!). The second thing is that this means Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, will be approaching sometime soon. Whether or not you actually take part in lent, many people use the day as an excuse to stuff their faces with pancakes, paczkis (jelly-filled donuts), or whatever other junk food they'd like to eat.

Mardi Gras has definitely taken a life of its own in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

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So much so that many of us associate the day with NOLA.

Colors of green, purple, and gold line streets while people from all over the world travel to experience the celebrations of the carnival.

Red Lobster is getting the Mardi Gras party started with their very own colorful cocktail dedicated to the festivities.

Red Lobster

It's called a French Quarter Colada and is definitely a party in a glass.

It's made with Bacardí Superior rum, Malibu coconut rum, Red Lobster's own piña colada mix, pear syrup, and margarita sour mix.

It's then given a garnish of green rock candy to give your drink a swirl with, which certainly ties the whole fun drink together!

Of course, the drink is a giant nod to NOLA with its purple, green, and gold colors.

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So if New Orleans is on your bucket list for Mardi Gras celebrations but you can't head there just yet, just head to your local Red Lobster to get a taste.

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