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17+ Things That All Of Us Do But None Of Us Admit

Everyone likes to put forward a perfectly normal, together, and effortlessly cool facade, it is one of the main components of social media after all! However, once you scratch the surface, you realize that everyone is just as awkward and full of embarrassing secrets that they don't want anyone to know as each other.

From binge-eating crisps, while watching sports shows, to giving yourself awards in the shower, to falling asleep in places that you shouldn't, prepare to see people exhibiting a few of your personality traits that you would otherwise not want advertised to the world!

Definitely Don't Try This At Home...

By the same token, you wouldn't see stuntmen eating 5 lb bags of m&ms because it is also dangerous.... just in a different way!

"Cousin got busted with pot and has to turn in these worksheets about alcohol and drug use. This was one of his answers."

Reddit | Sorrypuppy

Without the influence of alcohol, the snack industry in America and the UK would have taken a massive hit.

I Hate That Guy!

I will live my whole life and never understand why this is so true. Do you also have that one spoon in your house? I bet you can picture it in your head right now!

The Saddest Truth Of All

Reddit | Rasuco

"I'd like to thank the moisturizer bottle, my toothbrush, and the sink for helping me to achieve this goal."

Feeling Like Gordon Ramsey

Reddit | Im_Futur_AMA

I remember the first time I cooked pizza rolls in the oven, I took a picture and have it framed above my oven that I have never used since. Sure, they're good, but I'm all about speed in the kitchen!

Health Kick

I don't even normally last until the next time I feel stressed, I just give in as soon as I'm generally hungry.

"Colleague was stoked about his new Swiss army knife. Almost cut his pinky off, demonstrating its sharpness, moments after it was delivered."

Reddit | DannyEuphromaniac

Every time I buy new knives for the kitchen my partner reminds me of the countless times I have cut myself before, but do I take heed? No, no I do not.


I have the same thing with pretty much any animal that I drive passed. Cows, Sheep, Alpacas, I don't care I'm giving them all a shout out.

Quotes From The Heart

Reddit | stop_trying_now

I mean, it's oddly beautiful and poetic for something about farting and urinating.

It's Not That Big Of A Deal

No matter how tiny the problem is, you bet your ass I'll be lying in bed sweating about it for 6 hours straight.

Sleep Deprived

Your body waking you up early on your day off is your body's way of punishing you for all the times you drink alcohol!

"Me trying to avoid making eye contact with the crack head at the gas station."

Reddit | Alphadent

In fairness, this is me whenever anyone whatsoever tries to make eye contact with me in public.

Letting Nature Dry You Off

It is amazing how I can spend an hour in a work on a Monday being busy and it will feel like 8 hours have passed; however, I can sit on the edge of a bed in a towel for what feels like 2 minutes, when in reality 45 minutes have flown by.

Wearing Matching Clothes With our Pets

Reddit | btl_1294

My partner has made our cat clothes out of the same fabric as the clothes that I wear so we can match. I'm unashamedly happy with the idea.

Taking Photos With Your Finger Over The Lens

Reddit | Mr_Tom_Yabo

You'd think that this would be impossible in this day and age due to the fact that you can literally see the image you're taking on the screen as you take it! Well, I guess this person got to enjoy Machu Picchu in person anyway!

The Wet Sock Conundrum

There's always one ice cube that escapes. I mean, by their nature, they are incredibly slippy!

"Realized I've been walking around meeting clients with a giant rip in my pants that no one said anything about."

Reddit | Krumpus8

Everyone has had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction or two, or three in their time! It's just one of those things in life that you have to take on the chin... or in this case, the ass.

"This man sleeping in the office in front of his colleagues."

Reddit | ElNutimo

Falling asleep anywhere you're not meant to can be dangerous, be it university lectures, public transport, dinner with the family, the list goes on!

I'll Get Around To It

You know how it goes, you agree to do something, but then you remember that you're tired and need to lie in bed all evening instead so go dark on messenger.

Go Home Already!

Standing up and moving can be a big trial sometimes, if it wasn't I'd actually be in shape!