9+ Times Nature Accidentally Proved It Was The Best Artist

I'm such a lover of art, but sometimes you can find it in the most unusual places. Take Mother Nature, for example. As it turns out, the forces of nature can align so perfectly that they end up creating something so spectacular, it can rival even the most amazing artists.

The following examples show you exactly what I mean in the most intricate detail. You'll surely be wowed.

1. Volcanic Explosion


How would you feel if you picked up a can of paint only to realize the lid looks like a volcanic explosion? I would keep it.

2. This Reflection


I dunno if I could just drive away after seeing this cool reflection on my car. Quick, take a photo. Good thinking here. Hee, hee.

3. Snowy Waves


The storm "painted" waves of snow on this person's door. So awesome that they were able to snap a picture of it.

4. This World Map

Reddit | PB_Monk3y

How interesting that this paint that peeled off the back of a car looks just like a world map. I wouldn't want to paint over that.

5. This Landscape

Reddit | Roccobot

This person dropped some water, opened the table extension to dry it, and saw that a city landscape with temples and pinnacles appeared. Whoa, how amazing is that?

6. This Paint

Reddit | stadlercaro

The way this paint separated makes it look like the ocean under a blood moon sky. I wouldn't want to shake that bottle.

7. Monet-Inspired Window

Reddit | buzzy5

I wouldn't be surprised if you said this looks just like a Monet painting. In fact, it's mud spatters on the car window that created this accidental art.

8. This Cactus

The picture of this cactus looks like some cool black and white art piece. Doesn't it? Don't you love it when nature does that? I do.

9. Paint In The Sink


I know getting paint in the sink can look disastrous to some, but in this case, it looks so pretty. This is lovely.

10. This Paint Drop


Speaking of paint, this accidental paint drop created something that looks like a deer. How wonderful is that? I could stare at it all day.

11. These Fruits


I dunno exactly what this looks like to me. At one point I thought brains, and then it looked like a tree. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.

12. This Log

Reddit | fudsworth

Isn't Mother Nature the best? Here it clearly created these awesome swirls on a piece of a log. I gotta say, that looks so cool.

13. Broken Phone Screen

Reddit | romercan

This person broke their phone's screen protector and it resembled a painting with mountains and a sea. A happy accident? Here's the silver lining.

14. This Fence

Imgur | Greien218

At first glance, I thought I was looking at some amazing art installation. As it turns out, this is just snow formed on someone's fence. Oh my!

15. A Puppy

Reddit | jakevvw

Sometimes the paint peeling off of someone's backyard wall can look just like a puppy standing on its feet. Do you see it? I definitely do.

16. This Cat

Reddit | drewsoulman

When you put up an Easter decal on your front door, it can make the cat look just like a Dr. Seuss character. Ha, ha, ha! Magical!

17. This Bird


This is actually a bird-shaped crack in a windshield caused by a rock. Although it was an unfortunate accident, the result is so pretty.

18. Ocean View


No, you're not looking at an ocean. This is just the overspray from spray paint that created an ocean view on this piece of plastic.

19. This Snowy Town

Reddit | bonerificnoodles

This is what happened when something bumped into a wall at this person's work and it made a "painting" of a snowy town. How pretty is this?

20. These Shoes

Reddit | desperate-for-flair

This isn't an oil painting. It's a pair of shoes left underneath a steady flow of water from the roof that started freezing and building up layers.

21. Morning Frost

Reddit | Kvapil

Imagine waking up in the morning to find this "painting" on your front steps? You oughta take a picture before it disappears forever. This is indeed stunning.

22. These Oranges

Reddit | mikeleus

These oranges were actually photographed through the glass panes of a greenhouse and created a look that resembles an oil painting. That is so cool.

As we can see, accidental art can happen just about anywhere.

If you're lucky to notice it, you'll be able to marvel in it and hopefully share it online.