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Australian Pink Robins Are Cute And Vibrant And Oh So Very Round

Have you ever seen a picture of a creature in the wild and thought, "That's clearly fake. There is no way that could actually exist in real life."

I think we all have, but might I remind you that Australia is a place that exists and I still often wonder if it is secretly Narnia.

Exhibit #24601: the pink robin.

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Clearly, this adorably round little birb must just be a doctored photo of your general red-breasted, spring-heralding robin, right?

Nope. It's definitely real and definitely found in Australia.

It's just so round!

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There have been a lot of worries over Australia's natural animal population, but much of the focus has been on the more recognizable ones, like koalas, kangaroos, or wombats.

I did look to see if there were any statistics about how this vibrant bird species has been affected, but there wasn't much.

Unfortunately, until the fires are all out and the birds that escaped return, it's hard to estimate losses.

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Since the pink robins nest and breed in the dense vegetation of eucalyptus forests and temperate rainforests, it seems likely that there was some damage to their habitats.

Pink robins are classified by the males' black heads, white patch above their beaks, and of course, that incredible belly.

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The females are much more of an olive-brown and have only the slightest pink tint to their bellies.

And of course, there's their round little bodies. BirdLife Australia actually describes them as a "small tubby bird."

It was these amazing photographs by @ambikangela on Instagram that really brought this amazing bird to a worldwide audience.

Instagram | @ambikangela

You can see more of their amazing Australian wildlife photos on Instagram.

And of course, if you want to donate towards the ongoing fight to preserve Australia's wildlife in wake of the bushfires, you can do so through WIRES.

h/t: BirdLife International

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