Feel Like A Kid Again With A Crayola Ice Cream Cake You Decorate Yourself

For many of us, Crayola holds a special place in our hearts. Crayola was one of the first products we used to learn how to color, to turn boring walls into colorful masterpieces that would make even Picasso proud (even if it made our parents very, very angry). It was our first tool of creativity.

So you can imagine how special this Crayola ice cream cake is that you get to decorate yourself and let your creativity run wild.

Ice cream cakes usually gives me all the feels all the time. Oh, ice cream doesn't make you emotional? Weird.


But this crayola one is utterly nostalgic.

It's a classic flavor combo of chocolate and vanilla ice creams with chocolate cookie crumbs sandwiched between the layers.


Then the fun part comes.

The kit comes with red and blue icing, rainbow confetti, and green and yellow sprinkles.

Move over Millennial pink — primary colors are BACK in action, baby!

It's like arts and crafts all over again, but this time food's involved, which is 10 million times better in my opinion.

Instagram | @solnyc

This cake wasn't just made for adults, of course. If you have little kiddos and want to let them play with their food, this is a great activity for birthday parties.

Each cake goes for $17.99, and you don't have to go to a Friendly's to pick them up.

They're chilling right in your friendly neighborhood Target waiting for you to scoop one up.

Did we really need any more excuse to head to Target?

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