People Are Turning Their Nails Into 3D Mermaid Tails

Lately, I've noticed that nail art has really been elevated to new heights. There are so many cool designs that I've never seen before.

Some artists are taking chances with unique and out of the box designs that are truly amazing works of art. Take a look at the latest trend that's hitting the social media circuit with these 3D and 2D nail designs inspired by mermaids.

One of the coolest trends in nail art is mermaid tails.

Instagram | @ikkinails

This unusual nail art is popping up everywhere and I gotta say it's really stunning to look at.

Get a load of this pretty design.

Whoa, talk about sparkly nails. This is absolutely, out-of-this-world gorgeous. I dunno if it's practical but it's definitely beautiful.

Oh my goodness, this is so imaginative, isn't it?

I'm in love with this pretty design. I dunno if I could actually wear it but I'm totally obsessed with it.

If you're looking for a more subtle color scheme, this might be the look for you.

Aquastone Nail Spa

I really love the use of white and gray here. This is so pretty.

OMG, these nails are fit for a queen.

I honestly have never seen anything as beautiful and glamorous as these nails. This is nail artistry at its best.

Holy moly! These nails are outrageous. Ha, ha.


Somebody went through a lot of work to create this amazing display. I wonder how long it took to do this.

The "body" of this tail is sculpted out of clear acrylic with super fine glitter.

Debbie Paige Wood

The tail fins are sculpted out of clear building gel (hard gel) before being painted.

Look at this unbelievable mermaid tail nail design.

This might be too much for me but kudos to anyone bold enough to wear this style. Would you do it?

Here's another take on the mermaid nails look.

This time, it doesn't have a tail but a very colorful palette. I think this might be more suitable for me.

If you can't pull off the complete mermaid tail nail look, don't worry.

The Nail Guru

You can always opt for a more subtle version like this fish scale nail art.

And then there's this unique look.


I'm used to seeing pointy nails, so this is a departure from the ordinary for sure. I love the 3D aspect of it.

How about these aquarium-inspired nails?

I think these look absolutely fabulous. They're still so intricate and detailed. The longer the nail, the more stuff you can show off.

Check out this array of fantastical creatures.


You've got mermaid tails, unicorns, and beautiful seashells. If you're a huge fan of the sea you'll definitely love this idea.

I had no idea you can elevate nail art to this level of artistry.

I dunno if these nails are all that practical but they're surely nice to look at.

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