Girl Scouts Set Up Outside Weed Dispensary And Sell Hundreds Of Boxes

A Girl Scout troop in Chicago may have just come up with the greatest innovation in Girl Scout cookies since, well, the invention of Girl Scout cookies. It's something that makes too much sense not to incorporate everywhere.

Our story starts with cannabis.

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You know what it is. It's legal all over the place these days. As it turns out, people like the stuff and will turn out in big numbers to buy it.

This is a crossover episode.

We're about to cross cannabis with Girl Scout cookies. This isn't the high potency indica-dominant hybrid strain that goes by the same name, this is literal Girl Scout cookies. You can probably see where this is going.

Chicago is where the magic happened.

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A troupe of local Girl Scouts teamed up with the folks at Dispensary 33, a place that sells weed.

Since smoking can stimulate one's appetite, and since Girl Scout cookies are freakin' delicious, it all makes perfect sense.

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The munchies are not to be underestimated, people.

They started early.

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Hours before the clock struck 4:20, the Girl Scouts were set up outside Dispensary 33. After customers had picked out their Zombie Kush, Blue Dream, and Mozart's Nightmare, they found some different treats outside.

The Girl Scouts did good business.

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According to NBC Chicago, a Girl Scouts spokesperson said that "hundreds" of boxes of the cookies were sold.

It isn't surprising.

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If you're going to spend $50 on high-grade cannabis, why not spend another few bucks on some delicious Samoas?

It was a smashing success.

Anyone who's ever smoked Girl Scout Cookies (the cannabis strain) has probably thought to themselves that some Girl Scout cookies (the cookies) would taste mighty good right about now.

Locals loved it.

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The debate over whether or not to legalize is now over in many states. With that out of the way, most observers saw this for what it was — awesome business sense, awesome marketing, and the kind of brand synergy you just can't buy.

The Chicago troop wasn't the first group of Girl Scouts to have this idea either.

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Although it's less clear where exactly this scene takes place, this Girl Scout cookie setup was placed outside of a dispensary back in 2018.

I guess if you're really curious, just narrow down which states had legalized it by then.

Cookies for all.

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A short video posted by Dispensary 33 showed some slightly glassy-eyed, but happy, customers. I'd be happy too if I was going home with a bag of weed and some boxes of cookies.

Will it continue?


There's no word on whether the dream team of weed dispensaries and Girl Scouts will team up again, but after this resounding success, it almost seems inevitable. Let us know what you think in the comments!

h/t: NBC Chicago