Wrap Yourself Up In A Knit Animal Scarf That 'Bites' To Stay In Place

I'm always looking for unique items when it comes to fashion. I actually despise wearing the same stuff that other people wear.

So when I stumble upon a genius idea to give an ordinary item a new look, I'm all over it. This is exactly the case here. This awesome designer puts a new twist on a knitted scarf that is going to make you want to get one ASAP.

Nina Führer from the Netherlands creates amazing knitted animal scarves that look like the animal is biting to keep it wrapped.

Her knitted accessories are in parts figurative or sculptural, but also wearable and functional.

She also makes woolly coats and jackets that can be combined with her unique accessories and worn as a complete piece.

That will definitely make a bold statement.

All her items are knitted with a domestic Brother knitting machine in her atelier.

They're hand-finished and made from the highest quality material such as merino wool and cashmere.

Why wear just a boring scarf when you can have this adorable cockatoo instead?

Isn't this super fun? I would absolutely love to wear something as cool as this.

Or, you can get yourself this really soft and cuddly rabbit scarf.


This would also make an awesome gift for someone special in your life. Wouldn't it? I think so.

You can also take flight in this pretty white bird that looks absolutely warm and cozy.


I think I could use this scarf during our cold winter.

This awesome knitted orange fox looks so intricate and fun to wear.


I bet everyone would be so envious of you when they see you wearing a piece like this.

Here's one of my absolute favorites: a pretty in pink flamingo scarf.


This is such an adorable item. I'm definitely putting this on my Christmas wish list this year.

Imagine giving someone these super cute rabbit scarves.

I think they would be so pleasantly surprised when they get something as unique as this. I would be for sure.

This awesome parrot scarf is giving me all the good feels.


What a unique twist on a regular knitted scarf. This is like a wearable art piece. No?

How about this cute hummingbird scarf?


This scarf can be worn by an adult or a child. It comes washed after knitting, and has a light felted and fluffy structure.

What an awesome way to snuggle up with a sweet and furry friend like this friendly raccoon.


I bet this scarf will keep you warm all winter long.

If you want to try your own hand at knitting go right ahead.


Nina will also sell you a pattern so you can do it yourself. How cool is that?

It never ceases to amaze me what cool stuff talented artists like Nina can come up with.

When you've got an awesome talent like this put it to good use.