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Get Ready To Welcome Spring With A Pretty DIY Succulent Wreath

If you're a crafter, DIYer, gardener, and any other "er" that involves creating, then spring is one of your favorite times of year. This is when we're ready to prep our gardens, find new DIY projects to freshen up our drabby wintery spaces, and feel fresh and alive once again.

Live succulent wreaths are a great project to tackle that combine all of the above so you can get your spring project DIY on!

Succulents may be one of the hardest plants to care for in more northern climates (from personal experience), but they sure are pretty.

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Their muted, yet bright colors of green, blue, pink, and purple and the avant-garde geometrical shapes of their petals make for a uniquely fresh addition to welcome you and your guests into your home.

Now, they don't seem to be suuuuuper difficult to make, but if you are making a fresh succulent wreath, it will take some careful attention.

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There are a few ways to make them, but you'll definitely be needing some moss to ensure the succulents have something to feed on, some mesh tubing to put the moss in, or a wreath cage.

There are tons of tutorials online, but here's a YouTube tutorial by GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley that goes through all the steps!

Once you gather all your materials, then it's time to get creative with your wreath.

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Mix up all the colors, create a pattern alternating between larger and smaller succulents, or let your hands go wild planting them to see what you create.

No matter what you do, I don't think you can screw this one up.

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Unless you're me and manage to kill your succulents no matter what you do.

In that case, head on over to your local craft or dollar store to pick up some fake succulents. There's nothing a little faux plant-age and hot glue can't fix!