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Wendy Williams Says She's Judging Scarlett Johansson’s 'Filthy' Back Tattoos

Wendy Williams didn't hold back her feelings about Scarlett Johansson's back tattoos while reviewing Oscar fashion moments on Monday's show.

Wendy Williams isn't a fan of tattoos and made that KNOWN to her audience on Monday's show.

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And if we know Wendy, we know she isn't afraid to say LITERALLY whatever is on her mind.

The outspoken talk show host sat down with her squad of fashion reviewers (Bevy Smith, Lloyd Boston and Robert Verdi) to go over the best *and* worst dressed from Sunday night's award show.

Things were going smoothly until Scarlett Johansson flashed on the screen.

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While looking at a photo of Scarlett in her tbh GORGEOUS silver Oscar de la Renta gown, Wendy winced and asked if the tattoos were real.

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Scarlett has a tattoo of a lamb under her shoulder blade, as well as a rose design on her back.

So pretty!

"The tattoos, are those real?" Wendy asks.

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Bevy Smith joked: "Yeah those are real. That trails somewhere real nice I bet!"

Wendy continued: "Tattoos though… they’re filthy on the back."

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When asked by Lloyd Boston if she was judging, Wendy confirmed she was.

"‘I’m judging. I have tattoos too, I judge every time I get out of the shower."

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The 55-year-old has a vine and star tattoo to cover up her tummy-tuck scars.

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Back in 2012 Wendy admitted that she wasn't a huge fan of her ink to begin with.

"I'm not really one that likes tattoos. I still stand by that," she said.

"I don't particularly like that one, but I'd rather have that than the cut [mark]."

What do you think of Wendy's comments?

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