We're Going Wild For This Crocheted Owl Blanket Because Whoo Could Resist

Owls completely terrify me, yet I'm obsessed with anything that has owls on it. My mom says it's something my grandmother passed on to me. She had owl-themed things all over her house. And now I do, too, but that's mostly because my mom insists on buying me every owl-themed thing she lays her eyes on.

But, this crocheted owl blanket is one thing I will accept with arms wide open. When the cold weather hits, a good blanket is an absolute necessity. I hope no one minds when I start wearing this around the office...

The hood is key.

Facebook | MJ's Off The Hook Designs

Whenever I'm really cold, I throw on a hoodie and hide behind my hood. It's a hobo-chic look I've mastered at pulling off for years. But with this, it'll be an automatic cute and cuddly win.

I've tried to swim like a mermaid and I just can't relate to them.

Facebook | MJ's Off The Hook Designs

Therefore I've never really been into mermaid tail blankets. But, an owl? I'm here for it.

If you can crochet, you can grab the pattern to learn how to make the blanket for yourself.

Facebook | MJ's Off The Hook Designs

When the blanket was first posted earlier this year, it got over 100,000 shares and 40,000 likes on Facebook.

Bonus: This blanket can be turned into a pillow.

Facebook | MJ's Off The Hook Designs

I have no idea what I'm waiting for because this needs to be in my life, like, yesterday.

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