You Can Buy A Sassy Coloring Book Filled With Swear Words, And It's The Ultimate De-Stressor

Ah, there's nothing like having a rough day, folks. Maybe you've had a frustrating day at work, accidentally dropped your coffee on the ground at Starbucks, or bit the side of your cheek really bad.

It makes you want to swear to the heavens! And you very well could, but there's a coloring book for you to take all your frustrations out on while you zen out hard.

It's called "Go F*ck Yourself I'm Coloring," and it's filled with 26 pages of sassy phrases that you might be thinking or feeling.


Don't get mad, get glad, am I right?

The sweary phrases are...quite irreverent to say the least.


But hey, better to quietly color them in than say them out loud, am I right?


Find it on Amazon for $5.99.

There's a ton of other sassy coloring books, because you're going to finish them fast.


Find this one for $4.99.

You can whip them out anywhere! In the lunch room, on the bus, at your dentist appointment, on the couch while watching The Bachelor.

If you swear a lot, you know how hard it is to contain yourself.

At least you can release all that pent up frustration and color all the words you want to say but really can't!