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Skip The Hot Toddy For Some Soothing Lavender Echinacea Gin Instead

Normally when you're sick, you might double up on your vitamin C intake, maybe drink a couple more glasses of water, drink tea with lemon and honey, try and sleep, and re-binge watch Friends.

Others turn to spiked drinks in the hopes that the alcohol might kill off the virus or bad bacteria. While this really seems counter-intuitive, as alcohol actually isn't good for your immune system at all, it certainly doesn't stop people from believing in a Hot Toddy's healing properties.

Enter Lavender and Echinacea gin.

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The folks over at The Old Curiosity Distillery in Scotland created the lovely herb-infused spirit.

Look on any trendy bar's menu and chances are you will see at least one drink made with some sort of lavender flavoring, so this combo makes complete sense.

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Like a Hot Toddy, this spirit seems to be marketing to those looking for some sort of health benefit to their alcohol consumption.

Echinacea is said to also boost the immune system, although results are largely mixed among doctors and scientists.

In any case, the floral and herb-y flavors definitely complement one another, despite any possible health benefits.

Many of us would rather sip on a G+T than some echinacea tea, anyways.

As if the flavor wasn't impressive enough, the color of the gin changes when tonic or soda is added.

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It changes from a deeper purple hue to a lighter pastel lavender. I mean, we could say that the tonic is just diluting the color, but it's more exciting to believe that the gin is really pure magic.

Unfortunately, this gin doesn't ship to the states, but maybe with enough interest it will make its way here one day!

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