Tom Hanks And Charlize Theron Made Sure The 'Parasite' Producers Got To Finish Their Oscar Speech

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some heroes wear tuxedos, and some wear dresses, and sometimes heroes are sitting front row at The Oscars. Those are the heroes we need.

Lots of moments at the Oscars last night made history.

For example, Brad Pitt had some personal history made, given that despite his 33 years of acting in Hollywood, four nominations, and statue-win for producing 12 Years A Slave, he had never won an Oscar for acting until this year.

“This is for my kids, who color everything I do,” he said. “I adore you.”

Addressing his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in the audience, Brad also said, “I’ll ride on your coattails any day, man," earning a chuckle from the crowd during his speech.

Zack Gottsagen also made history as the first person with Down Syndrome to present an Oscar at the ceremony.


Zack, close friend and co-star of Shia LaBeouf in The Peanut Butter Falcon, made history together when they got to present the Oscar for Best Live Action Short.

In another historic move, the movie 'Parasite' cleaned up.

The film's director, Bong Joon Ho, took home the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay statues, the film won the Best International Feature award, and in the surprise move of the night, it also took home Best Picture.

This is historic because Parasite is now the first foreign language film to ever win Best Picture.

It was up against such strong contenders like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Joker, 1917, and The Irishman and still managed to come out on top.

What an incredible moment!

However, when Miky Lee, the producer of the film, took the stage to give her speech, the stage lights dimmed.

Dimming the lights is a way that the producers can signal that the time is up on speeches and to move on to the next award.

You might not know Miky Lee by name, but she's a hugely important figure in Korean popular culture.

Lee is the vice chair of the Korean production company, CJ Entertainment, which has backed Bong Joon Ho's other projects like Snowpiercer as well as Park Chan-wook's The Handmaiden.

She's been referred to as "the most influential and powerful female film producer in South Korea."

"Miky Lee has taken a risk in investing in dicey and innovative films for the past decade or so," said Jinsoo An, a specialist in Korean cinema.

However, certain notable figures in the audience weren't about to let the Academy literally dim Lee's moment.

Tom Hanks and Charlize Theron were caught on camera in the front row making sure the producers knew how they felt about the situation.

The two were seen chanting "Up! Up! Up!" and swinging their arms up to indicate that the lights needed to be brought back up for Lee to speak, which they were.

You can see it all right here.

What an awesome move by some seasoned award-winners to let the newcomers have their historic moment!

When Lee got to speak, her speech was adorable.

She started off by thanking Bong Joon Ho, saying, "Thank you for being you. I like everything about him. His smile, his crazy hair, the way he talks, the way he walks..."

"And especially the way he directs," she continued.

"What I really like about him is his sense of humour, and the fact is he can be really making fun of himself and he never takes himself seriously."

She also thanked South Korean movie goers.

"I really, really, really want to thank our Korean film audience, our moviegoers, who have been really supporting our movies and never hesitated to give us straightforward opinions," she laughed.

Congratulations to Lee, Bong Joon Ho, and everyone else involved in 'Parasite'!

Parasite truly deserved this win, so if you haven't seen it yet, you definitely have to!