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10+ Tweets Showing The Disaster The Rain Brought To The Oscars

It seems that it wasn't all that of a lovely day for the Oscars, and not just for the people who lost.

Apparently, the weather was total and complete garbage. Here are some of the tweets that show off that fact!

Yes, get ready to be depressed, because it sure is bad out!

1. The Hail

You know the old saying when it rains, it also sometimes hails.

This writer didn't even know they got hail in L.A. He assumed that was only in the horrible countries.

2. There were tents, sure, but some of them leaked.

So people were being hailed on, and their tents weren't even working some of the time.

It seems that the problems just kept piling up!

3. Not just the tents! The roof was also leaking!

So we've got hail leaking through both the tents and the roof! Oh no! The poor millionaire celebrities!

What could they possibly do?

4. It really came down

Now, this wasn't any old drizzle.

Not just something that one could shrug off. It was hailing, and hard. And it's not like they had protection from the tents and roof.

5. Bubbles

There was so much rain and hail at the Oscars that pools (bubbles) of water started to appear on the tents.

One pop and your favorite celebrity could have been soaked!

In a stroke of good luck, there were crews out and about, pushing the pools of water off the tents so that the bubbles would not burst.

Thank goodness! They just narrowly avoided disaster.

Still, the fact they even needed them is troubling.

6. Not just crews for bubbles! They had crews to dry the floors, too!

So now they had people working the ceilings and the floors, trying to keep everything dry from the leaking roofs and tents.

7. The Classiest Solution

They could just have a guy there all night wiping the floor, could they?

So, they went with the classiest solution of all: putting a basket underneath the leak. Great job!

8. The Meteorologist

Luckily, they had a meteorologist at the Oscars to deliver the good news. Oh, did I say good news?

I meant bad: apparently, the rain was far from over, It was going to be a wet night.

9. Ryan Seacrest came prepared

Not only did the legendary host comment on the rain, but he and his crew did the right thing: they brought umbrellas!

Good thinking, Mr. Seacrest. You have our approval!

10. Bong Joon-ho liked the rain

The man is a fan of omens. When he did his first Q&A for Parasite, he saw a rat. He took that as a good sign.

And as for the rain well, he said it rained when they premiered so it must be a good sign as well.

And a good sign it was!

Barunson E&A

The movie Parasite not only won Best Director for Bong Joon-ho, but it also broke down so many barriers by winning Best Picture as well!

It should rain more often.

11. Turns out...

It wasn't actually raining, according to this Twitter user.

It was actually a demonstration by Disani, reminding the world to stay moisturized. Then why didn't they use moisturizer? Seems like a waste of water to me.

12. But why?

Many are wondering why it rained on a night that's supposed to be about beauty and the stars.

Was it the dreaded global warming? Was it God's wrath, perhaps? Or just because Hustlers wasn't nominated?