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People Are Ditching Sweet And Sugary Cakes For Savory Tiered Instant Noodle Cakes

Tradition w-h-o-m-s-t?! Yeah, it's 2020 and she doesn't exist anymore. Classic diamond engagement rings are no longer a gal's best friend. People want piercings in replacement of rings and if they do want rings, they want diamond pizzas.

Wedding cakes? No. Brides and grooms want cupcakes or donuts and chicken nugget bouquets.

People want cakes again, but they don't want sweet buttercream-topped fluffy cakes of sugary heaven.

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They want super extra instant noodle cakes.

The innovative creation is all thanks to a café in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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It's called the TOT cake and is made out of at least 14 packs of instant ramen noodle packs.

After being cooked, the noodles are carefully shaped into their perfect clean and crisp form.

The cakes are then topped with savory foods like chicken, meatballs, beef, cheese, and even cuttlefish.

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Not everyone has a sweet tooth, and this one is sure to satisfy those with more savory palates.

These cakes are only available to order in Indonesia for now, but nothing stopping you from trying your own hand at it!

What do you think of instant noodle cakes? Would you grab a slice if you saw this being served at a wedding?

Let us know!

h/t: The Jakarta Post

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