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Orange Vanilla Cream M&M's Are Back For Those Who Are Ready For Spring And Summer

We've still got over a month left until spring enters our lives, which is super exciting. All the best flavors from the holiday season are coming to an end, and we're ready for some bright and lively flavors to reflect the freshness that spring offers.

Before your allergies prevent you from being able to taste those flavors, head on over to Dollar General for a new sweet treat in town.

You may recall seeing this flavor a couple years back, and maybe you wondered where the heck they disappeared to last year.

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Nevertheless, the Orange Vanilla Cream white chocolate M&M's are officially back for a limited time exclusive offering at Dollar General stores.

Food news Instagrammer @candyhunting was sent a photo of a follower's find.

The M&M's are coated in white and orange colors — very apropos, if you ask me.

Junk Banter

Food review blog Junk Banter had a chance to try them when they launched a few years back and was a huge fan.

"These M&M’s are some of the best I’ve ever had in my life," they wrote.

They said the orange flavor is pretty refreshing and you don't get that intense citrus flavor that you do from other candies like Tic Tacs.

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I'm not going to lie, orange is an easy flavor to hate.

However, the mild citrus of the M&M's pairs well with the creamy vanilla flavor from the white chocolate.

Orange creamsicle is truly an underrated flavor. It's just never been given a proper chance to succeed and soar in the world.

Will you be giving these M&M's a try? Let us know!

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