Almost 17 Years Later, Diane Keaton And Keanu Reeves Reunite On Stage

The best part of any award show is watching celebs you love reunite and get back together.

Whether it's Brad and Jen, or Leo and Kate Winslet (man, I miss them), award shows are made to bring people together.

Like Keanu and Keaton.

Diane Keaton is beloved in Hollywood.

She is a super classy actress and makes us laugh our heads off no matter what she does.

We basically all want her to be our mother.

The two celebs starred together in the romantic comedy "Something's Gotta Give".

Columbia Pictures

They stole our hearts then, and they continue to steal our hearts now.

Keanu Reeves is just as beloved.

People actually love everything he does.

Even if his movies don't always end up being top of the line, his fans are super dedicated.

The two reunited on stage in the most adorable and hilarious way.

They were awkward, they were real, and they were just so darn cute.

This is the kind of feel-good energy we need at award shows!