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Natalie Portman's Gown Drags Oscars By Having Names Of Female Directors Stitched In

Natalie Portman has been one of Hollywood's most beloved leading ladies for a few decades now, and she shows no signs of stopping whatsoever.

Even though she isn't in film after film, she sometimes makes headlines for her bold personality.

Natalie Portman is an astonishing actress.

She knows how to keep us entertained both on and off-screen.

While we love her on-screen, it's exciting to see what she does off of it.

At a past Oscar ceremony, Natalie Portman was praised for doing what she does best: throwing shade.


Plus, any Oscar ceremony would not be complete without someone doing that.

While announcing the winner for Best Director, she called out he fact that all the nominees were male.

It was a legendary moment, needless to say.

The moment went viral, obviously, as it should.


And a lot of people had thoughts on it, including Steven Spielberg, who responded to the jab that she made.

He was asked by Entertainment Tonight what his feelings were on the subject, and he gave a thoughtful response.

"There’s also a watershed happening right now, slowly, maybe not fast enough, for women directors." he said.

"I mean you have Patty Jenkins [Wonder Woman director]."


"We have some amazing women that have come forward, you know Mudbound and Lady Bird."

"This is a pretty incredible year, and I think you’ll be seeing some nominations, I’m predicting, at the Oscars this year for a woman director, if not several."

While it's true that women are making amazing movies, they still aren't getting the proper recognition!

And Natalie Portman knows that.

When the Oscar nominations were announced for 2020, a lot of people were mad.


As they usually are.

But for what seemed like the millionth year in a row, female directors were snubbed.

One of the biggest snubs of the Oscars, when it came to women directors, was Greta Gerwig.


Little Women did get a best picture nomination, so it was really weird to a lot of people that Gerwig didn't get a director nom.

Throughout the night, plenty of people called that fact out.


Brie Larson, Sigourney Weaver, and Gal Gadot among them.

Many celebs spoke about inequality between genders, but Portman did it with style.

So let's look back to Natalie Portman, because after all, she's currently the talk of the town.

She stunned us with her gown, partially because she looked gorgeous but also because of the shade she threw with it.

As usual, Portman brought with her to the Oscars a few important things:

A stunning gown, a bomb haircut, and an attitude.

We love watching her take the carpet.

Natalie Portman, queen of calling out the Oscars, showed that she really doesn't care about shading major events.

This year she did it by incorporating the names of all the snubbed female directors in her gown.

"I wanted to recognize the women who were not recognized for their incredible work this year in my subtle way,"

She said on the red carpet.

You definitely did it, Portman! Biggest power move of the 2020 Oscars!

Chances are, Portman will continue to do little things like this to make it known that she stands behind female directors.

She has a voice, and she is ready to use it.

We stan!