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Victoria Beckham's Son Looks Identical To Her In 'Sporty' Throwback Photo

It's nice to see a throwback photo every now and again. It shows us how far we've come as people, and can shed some light on some really good times in our past. And now Victoria Beckham is looking back on her past. Let's look with her, shall we?

Believe it or not, but Victoria Beckham has always been a big part of our lives, especially if you deem yourself a "'90s kid".

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She was part of the Spice Girls, and now she's married to David Beckham.

And now she's in the news once again.

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Lately, she's been posting some #throwback photos.

She posted this one with Baby Spice a couple of days ago to wish her a happy birthday.

Then of course, there was this one:

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She posted this picture where the caption was this:

"I was sporty from an early age 😂😂 Which little Beckham looks like me? 🤔 x VB"

And you'll never guess what, dearest readers...

One of the Beckhams answer:

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Yes, it seems that Romeo Beckham, the second oldest Beckham child, thinks he looks the most like his mother when she was a kid.

What do you Beckham fans out there think?