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Funny Dog Was Raised By Cats And Still Acts Like She Thinks She's One

I like to joke that my dog Wes has kept some of the habits he learned as a puppy living in a house with three cats. He climbs furniture daintily and will happily lay in the middle of the dining table in search of belly rubs.

But he's still very much a dog.

This beautiful girl named Tao Tao takes the whole thing to a new level.

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Tao Tao means mischievous in Chinese and looking through the pictures Tally's human shared on Imgur, it's a very fitting name.

I have seen many cats sit like this, but never a dog.

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Tally is a husky/malamute mix. As a puppy, she lived with a bunch of cats and clearly picked up some of their mannerisms, like just sitting there and judging you as you try to step around her.

The fact that she's a mix of "ancient breeds" is likely part of why she seems so much more cat-like than even my dog.

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Many of the oldest dog breeds tend towards the sort of clever independence we more commonly associate with felines.

So mix that temperament with learned behaviors and you've got one silly cat-dog.

Tally's certainly enjoyed boxes all her life.

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She's even iffy about belly rubs.

Cute as she is, her human admits that she's a handful. "Despite how sweet she may look, she will eat your food and drink your milk as you watch. This is one cold mofo."

But we wouldn't have it any other way, right?

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