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Dad Goes Viral With His Hilariously Effective Nail Trimming Hack For Dogs

When we first got my dog Basil as a puppy, we carefully trained him to be okay with having his nails trimmed. It was still a two person job, but he tolerated it and knew there was a treat as a reward.

And then we made a poor choice for his first groomer and he became violently against clippers going anywhere near his paws. There was blood and a fat lip and we found a much better groomer.

I'm mostly fine with leaving it to the professionals now, but sometimes he still needs a trim between haircuts.

That's when I start considering an investment in a set of hockey pads to protect myself from flailing doggo.

But this hilarious hack shared by @KendalPeifer on Twitter may send me to the purse section instead.

Like Basil, Kendal's dog hates nail trims, so Dad found a large, sturdy purse and got clever.

By cutting four holes in the bottom, he could have access to the doggo's paws as the pooch dangled placidly, but not uncomfortably. Dad even had a headlamp for precision work.

I mean, the dog's never going to love getting nail trims, but this seems like the least traumatic way to get it over with.

Twitter | @QUORIwithaQ

He's resigned himself to it. Just get it done as quickly as possible and make sure there's a very tasty reward afterwards.

Others chimed in with their family's versions of the hack.

Twitter | @Karlie_Place

This family uses a pillowcase instead and also demonstrates how to quickly rig a hanging setup with two chairs and a broom handle.

I definitely think I'll be trying this out next time Basil's nails start clicking loudly off the hardwood floors.