Oreo's Valentine's Day Set Is Perfect For Sharing A Romantic Dunk With Your Other Half

When people think of the dessert they're going to consume on Valentine's Day (just me?), they might think of chocolate cake, cheesecake, mousse — anything rich and decadent, like l-o-v-e, right?

If you don't think sharing some Oreos with your beau is romantic, you're wrong.

Forget all the fancy-shmancy truffles and mousses, because Oreo is selling the most romantic dessert you could serve.


How cute is this dunking set for two?!?!?!?!

Oreos always comes out with some sort of dunking set around the holidays, but this one for Valentine's Day is just too perfect.


It comes with two mugs that say "We go together" and "Like milk and cookies," which could not be more true.

Oreos and milk: name a better duo, I'll wait!

It's also got two separate dunking tongs, and the super duper adorable heart cookie cage.

Instagram | @junkfoodonthego

The only thing you both might be fighting after is how you'll split the 12 Oreo cookies.

You could also fill the heart cage with pink Valentine's Day Oreos that say, "Dunk in love." These could not be more appropriate!

Instagram | @mrs_david_vasquez

Find the dunking set at Walmart for $18.