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TikTok Of Pregnant Woman Peeing Inside Store Shows Motherhood In All Its Glory

If you're going to take away anything from this story, it should be this: pregnancy is messy, and anyone who says differently needs to watch this TikTok video.

As Buzzfeed reported, a Texas mom recently went viral after her loving husband filmed her hilariously struggling to control her bladder during a family trip to the grocery store.

About a year ago, Mallory Dolan was pregnant with her fourth child when the... *incident* occurred.

TikTok | @dolanfambam

As she explained, a seemingly innocent sneeze led to her peeing a little bit inside the grocery store, a sight which her husband apparently found to be absolutely hilarious.

"I showed Dan where I peed and he started laughing and taking a video," Mallory recalled.

Unfortunately for this pregnant mamma, once she got hit with the giggles, her bladder problem just got worse.

TikTok | @dolanfambam

"I couldn't stop laughing and, in return, peeing," she explained. "I kept walking around to get away from the camera because I was so embarrassed."

And if you're thinking this entire incident could have prevented with a quick trip to the bathroom prior to grocery shopping, think again.

According to Mallory, nature wasn't exactly calling before they got there.

As she explained, "I didn't think I had to pee when we got into the store!"

While the couple's kids were pretty oblivious to what was going on, other customers inside the store understood perfectly well.

TikTok | @dolanfambam

"People were totes watching, but no one said a word," Mallory explained. "After the incident, I used some napkins from the salad bar to clean myself and the floor and eventually a worker came and mopped."

Which I'm sure was quite the humbling experience for this mom.

I have a hard enough time watching grocery clerks clean up containers of blueberries I've spilled. I'm not sure how I'd react to watching them clean up my own pee.

Mallory and Dan recently came across the embarrassing video, and decided it was worthy of being posted to the video sharing site, TikTok.

Mallory Dolan via Buzzfeed

This decision ultimately paid off for the couple because that video has been viewed nearly 14 million times and earned two million likes. Plus, the couple's account, @dolanfambam, now has over 75,000 followers!

An understandably embarrassing but hilarious pregnancy situation for this mamma has managed to earn the family viral fame.

Whether because of the video's hilarious soundtrack (the appropriately-chosen "Splish Splash"), or how candid it is about pregnancy, clearly, the clip has struck the right chord with people.

But here's hoping for no more grocery store mishaps!

h/t: Buzzfeed