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Get Ready To Have The Cutest Rump, Because Corgi Butt Leggings Exist

There's nothing in this world cuter than a corgi butt. NOTHING. Trust me, I didn't believe it either until I saw one myself after researching for my article about corgi butt buns.

Now you can sport your very own cute corgi bum thanks to a wonderful shop on Etsy.

Move over Juicy Couture sweatpants, there's a new butt graphic in town kicking your bum right to the curb!

Etsy | PrincessNuggetShop

These corgi butt leggings by Princess Nugget Shop are incredible.

The athletic-style leggings feature a cute corgi bum that covers your own.

Etsy | PrincessNuggetShop

Whether or not you've ever owned corgis, these were made for everyone who thinks corgi butts are the most adorable thing they've ever seen in their whole lives.

Proudly wear them out on a walk, to the gym, to the grocery store, to school and work — wherever you go is corgi butt appropriate.

Etsy | PrincessNuggetShop

What's even better? They're all custom handmade.

For $54, you can guarantee that you're receiving a high quality item.

So get out there and show off your very own corgi rump!

Now watch this video of a corgi shaking it's thang and having an amazing day!