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Kim Kardashian Believes Her Son Psalm Is The Reincarnation Of Her Late Father

There are many things in life that you just can't explain, even if you truly believe them. Kim Kardashian must have a lot of those kinds of things in her extremely lucky life, and the newest one she's just revealed is a combination of touching and heartbreaking.

Kim's father, attorney Robert Kardashian Sr., died at the age of 59 in 2003.

Sadly, Robert Kardashian Sr., had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer less than eight weeks before. At the time, Kim was 23 years old.

Since then, Kim has become a mother to four wonderful children, the youngest of which is her son, Psalm, who's just 8 months old.

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"My son, Psalm, 8 months, is probably the happiest baby alive. He’s always smiling, always happy," Kim recently told E! News, and then explained the emotional connection she believes Psalm has with her father.

"We were in Bali, and a woman — a blind medium — came up to me and said that I was gonna have another son and that it was gonna be my father reincarnated."

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Kim then revealed that wasn't the only time this message had been communicated to her, citing a time her nurse took Psalm to a baby shower. "She brings him to a baby shower, and a woman comes up to her and said, 'Is this your son?' And she said, 'No, no, no, I’m just watching him.'"

"And she said, 'Well, I just have to tell you, please tell their mom this is a family member of hers reincarnated."

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"Multiple people that had no idea that was my nanny or anything have come up to my baby to say that he’s a family member reincarnated," Kim said.

"So my whole family, all the time, thinks it’s my dad and is just so emotional and close to him."

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"He’s left-handed, like my dad. So, all these things happen. I don’t even know if I believe in reincarnation, but I do now. But I want to believe it!"

Do you believe in reincarnation, or have you had a weird experience with a medium? Let us know in the comments!