Amazon Is Selling A Wine Glass With A Bell Attached So You Can Ring For More Wine

There's nothing cool about having to get up and fetch yourself your own glass of wine, alright?

That's why a wine glass with a bell attached to its stem has been invented, and I am certain that this is a product that will be going down in history.

There's nothing worse than an empty wine glass, am I right laydeez?

Especially when you're all comfy on the couch, wrapped like a cocoon in a fuzzy blanket, and right in the middle of Cheer.

I need to see if they are going to land their basket toss and not injure a rib! All eyes must be concentrated on the screen.

This wine glass complete with an actual working bell attached to its stem is exactly what you need during those times.


When you've run out, or are almost dry, just give your glass a lil ring-a-ling for someone in your household to swiftly top you up with you favorite vino.

The glass by BigMouth Inc is also decorated with a cute little graphic of a bell next to the text, "Ring for more Wine."


Just in case your family forgot what the ringing of the bell meant.

This is a great gift for all the wine lovers in your life, but you might make some enemies out of their family members.

Find the glass for $14.98 on Amazon.