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Clay Plant Holders Transform Into Cute Sea Creatures When An Air Plant Is Added

I think a lot of people wish they could live life under the sea. I know I do. It seems way less stressful, and I'd probably get to meet Aquaman and Ariel.

If you're also dreaming of an aquatic escape, I have the next best thing: Ceramic planters that bring the sea to you!

Everyone knows life is better under the sea.

What's not to like? There are cute sea creatures to look at, and (unless Disney has been lying to me this whole time) mermaids to make friends with, too.

Well, if you're looking for a way to make the sea a part of your world, these awesome planters for air plants are likely your best bet.

Etsy | CindySearles

Ceramic artist Cindy Searles designed these planters which transform into sea creatures once you add an air plant.

The planters come in a variety of designs including squids, jellyfish, and octopuses.

Etsy | CindySearles

Just add an air plant and these planters will bring your favorite sea creatures to life.

The best part is that you can customize your planter depending on which plant you add.

Etsy | CindySearles

No two will ever look the same, and they will change over time as the plant grows. If you're ready to take a trip under the sea and make life the bubbles, be sure to check out these planters on Etsy