Dark Chocolate Hummus Is Here To Satisfy Guilt-Free Valentine's Day Dessert Cravings

Did you dub 2020 the year that you would try new things? Maybe you're trying out a new fitness class, a cooking class, or maybe you're just trying to be less stressed about this season's The Bachelor, which, let me tell you, I am failing at horribly.

Well, there's a new product to add to your list you daredevil, you!

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a classic romantic dessert.

I have to be honest, I'm don't really understand how or why it became so, but sure, why not.

That's why Sabra, you know, the hummus company, is making their own dark chocolate dessert hummus.


The product is hitting grocery store shelves just in time for Valentine's Day.

I suppose this is a great alternative for those who can't deny the temptation of chocolate.


Two tablespoons are only 80 calories, so you could definitely just take a spoon to this one and call it a night.

They're also doing this thing where you can send in an apology using the hashtag #sabrapology and have it delivered right onto their chocolate hummus.

Instagram | @sabra

Hopefully Sabra won't have to apologize if this hummus doesn't quite taste too great!

Will you be giving this dip a try? Let us know!