Sparkling Gin Combines Two Of Our Faves In One Ready-To-Drink Bottle

Do you want to know what my love language is? Gin and soda with a lime. No for real. I even have it written on my Hinge profile so that everyone knows how they can really impress me.

I also love other gin drinks, so you must understand how excited I was to hear about a ready-to-drink bottle of sparkling gin.

Before I heard of this product, I actually didn't know people mixed sparkling wine with gin.

And as a gin aficionado, I am pretty disappointed with myself.

For those who were already one step ahead of the game, alcohol brand Kaava has finally made a ready-to-drink bottle of the mixture.


They've actually made two, which is even more exciting.

Their pretty pink bottle of gin bubbly combines Cava Rosé, and of course gin to create a sweet fruity mixture of heaven.

They also have a white wine version with a crisp and fresh mouthfeel for those who like a combo of everything.


Now, I have to bear some unfortunate news. It looks like this product is only being sold in Spain so far.

I'm crying sparkling tears of gin too, trust me.

Unless we get our little bums to Spain, it looks like we're going to have to continue to make our own little sparkling gin concoction.

I know, I don't want to do it either! America, it's time to get our sparkling gin on! Don't you want to see us living our best lives?!