Netflix Removing Homepage Autoplays Due To Complaints

Is it... Is it over yet? Can we come out from hiding?

After all these years of waiting for the wicked autoplay of the East to be destroyed, and it's just got like that? Just in a second?

Well, I'm happy and all, but it seems a little bit anti-climactic.

Netflix is great.

There's no doubt about it, we all collectively love the streaming service.

But things weren't always so hunky-dory! Netflix has made many changes in its time as king of streaming.

The streaming only started in 2007.


For all you meme loving millennials, Netflix used to be a service that delivered DVDs right to your door!

In fact, the same year they became a streaming service (2007)...

They delivered their billionth DVD!


But times did change, and they stopped delivering DVDs altogether in order to focus on the future of watching movies and TV streaming!

And the future was bright for Netflix.

In 2008 they expanded from just having Netflix on computers to having their service on Xbox 360s and on top of TV boxes.


In 2009 they expanded to PS3 and Wii, ensuring that all future consoles would be $500 Netflix machines.

But the changes didn't stop there.


Netflix needed to expand, they were going international, baby!

They first started in the third-world heck hole that is Canada, then when Netflix took off there (presumably after showing movies like Goon and the Bob and Doug Mackenzie films)...

Netflix took its services to the rest of the world.


And now that it had its tentacles in the pockets of the entire world, it was time to start improving the service itself.

In 2013, it started doing original programming.

Shows like "House Of Cards", "Hemlock Grove" and "Orange Is The New Black" popped up.

It even picked up shows like Arrested Development for more seasons.

But it wasn't just about original programming, either. Netflix also added the "profile" feature in 2013, allowing different users to create different profiles.

The next feature to be introduced would be the "Download" one in 2016. It allowed viewers to download shows so they could be watched offline.

And since then, they've toyed with a shuffle feature, they've won some awards and best of all, they've pretty much set the future of how we watch movies and TV.

Netflix is really cool and all, but it has an annoying feature. Actually it has a few.


But one of the most annoying aspects of the streaming service is that when you're browsing through the movies and TV shows if you stop for one second you're slammed with autoplay.

That or you just open up the homepage and wham! Hit with a trailer for a movie you're never going to watch.

The fact of the matter is that autoplay sucks.

But listen here, dear readers: Netflix has heard your cries of anguish. They have heeded your call and now, after so many years...

Netflix is getting rid out autoplay.


Yes, you can now go to the settings on your profile and shut autoplay off. Hallelujah!

Netflix has warned that the fix might not work immediately, but don't worry Netflix.

We've dealt with software changes before.

We're just going to scream at you over Twitter until a patch fixes it, and we can finally get rid of autoplay.

Then honestly, we'll probably just forget about it.