Twitter Is Losing It Over 'The Bachelor's Bikini Bottom Photoshop Fail

There's a lot of drama inherent in reality television shows like The Bachelor, but the drama that blew up the Internet after this week's episode had less to do with catfights, dramatic revelations, or who got sent home, and more to do with a... choice made in post-production.

Everyone knows these shows love having their contestants in swimwear.

After all, you've got a show full of gorgeous people in tropical locations. What else do you expect to happen?

However, it turns out some of the swimsuits worn on a recent episode of The Bachelor were considered a bit too revealing.

So someone in post production decided to just... draw on some more coverage.


It didn't take too many eagle-eyed viewers to notice something looking a little... off... about the bikini bottoms on the show.

"They look like diapers," one fan commented.

"DID THEY CGI A BIKINI ON VICTORIA F'S [expletive] ON THE BACHELOR THIS WEEK?!" one incredulous fan tweeted. Yes, it sure does look like they did.

Some moments were more egregious than others.


Like this side-shot of one of the girls in a yellow swimsuit. There's no bikini bottom in the world with that shape, and as one fan commented, "It looks like a flap."

Some fans enjoyed imagining exactly whose job it was to do the editing.

Twitter | @TianaV5

Let's just hope that the job gets re-assigned to someone with a little bit more photoshop experience next time!