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These Award-Winning Photos Show The Intense Beauty Of The Birth Process

The International Association of Birth Photographers' annual competition collects the most stunning and raw photos taken by birth photographers from around the world.

These images capture a wide range of emotions: joy, pain, but ultimately, they capture the love that accompanies the birth of a new baby.

Here are the winners and some of the honorable mentions from the 2020 competition.

First Place: "A Moment Of Silence"

Jessica Vink | VI Photography

Jessica Vink of VI Photography captured this gorgeous shot of a mother holding her baby shortly after birth. Both look relieved and comforted by one another.

Best In Birth Details: "Warrior"

Bree Garcia | J&B Photography

This stunning photo from Bree Garcia of J&B Photography shows a laboring mother's body in the midst of a contraction.

Best In Delivery:“Unmasking The Many Layers Of Birth”

Alexandria Mooney | Alexandria Mooney Photography

In this picture from Alexandria Mooney of Alexandria Mooney Photography, a father and son look on as their newest family member makes their way into the world.

Best In Fresh 48: "Denial"

Natalie Weber | Natalie Zepp Photography

Natalie Weber of Natalie Zepp Photography captured the bittersweet moment of an older sibling finding their new place in their growing family.

Best In Postpartum: "Vernix Constellation"

Kristy Visscher | Kinship by Kristy

Taken in the aftermath of a water birth, Kristy Visscher of Kinship by Kristy photographed how vernix from the baby's body dotted the water of the birthing pool.

Best In Labor: “Morning Light Creeps In”

Shea Long | Coastal Lifestyles Photography

A laboring mom tries to rest in this early morning photo taken by Shea Long of Coastal Lifestyles Photography.

Member's Choice Fresh 48: “Her Cup Runneth Over...”

Martha Lerner | zenmamalove

A new mom cradles her infant as breast milk runs down her body. This stunning portrait of a mom in the early postpartum days was taken by Martha Lerner of zenmamalove.

Member's Choice First Place: “Ring of Fire”

Katie Torres | Your Story - Professional Birth Services

For many women, this is one of the most intense parts of the birth process as the baby's head begins to crown. Katie Torres of Your Story - Professional Birth Services took this photo of a mom entering the final stages of labor and delivery.

Member's Choice Best In Birth Details: “Baby Noah Empelicado"

Jana Brasil | JanaBrasil Fotografia

Jana Brasil of JanaBrasil Fotografia caught a rare event on film: the birth of a baby born en caul, or still in an intact amniotic sac. This image actually went viral outside of the competition.

Member's Choice Best In Labor: "I am a Birthing Goddess"

Sophia Costa | The Sophia Co

In this powerful photo, a mom labors in the bath while her partner supports her. Sophia Costa of The Sophia Co is the photographer behind this beautiful shot that is an empowering reminder to moms everywhere.

Honorable Mention: "In Between"

Daniela Justus | Daniela Justus Fotografia

In this photo by Daniela Justus of Daniela Justus Fotografia, a baby born in its amniotic sac looks peaceful as it enters the world.

Honorable Mention: "A Dramatic Entrance"

Dania Watson | Lauren + Douglas

Dania Watson of Lauren + Douglas was able to time this shot where a baby made its grand debut to the world.

Honorable Mention: "Silence"

Evelien Koote | Love & Little Birth Photography

A new mom and her baby share an intimate moment in a birthing pool in this photo by Evelien Koote of Love & Little Birth Photography.

Honorable Mention: "Milagre Da Vida"

Jana Brasil | JanaBrasil Fotografia

A baby is born still curled up in the amniotic sac in this striking image from Jana Brasil of JanaBrasil Fotografia.

Honorable Mention: "Reactions"

Paulina Splechta | Paulina Splechta Birth Photography and Films

An entire family greets their newest members with a few mixed reactions in this candid shot. This image comes courtesy of Paulina Splechta of Paulina Splechta Birth Photography and Films.

Honorable Mention: "Colostrum Drunk"

Shea Long | Coastal Lifestyles Photography

Colostrum is the term used for a special kind of breast milk that comes from the mother immediately after her baby is born. In this photo from Shea Long of Coastal Lifestyles Photography, a baby looks full after a feeding of this nutritious milk.

Honorable Mention: "Breech"

Cindy Willems | Birth Day geboortefotografie

Cindy Willems of Birth Day geboortefotografie captured this dramatic shot of a baby who was in a breech position being born via C-section.

Honorable Mention: "Overflowing Love"

Barbara Aviz | BÁRBARA AVIZ

Parents and loved ones look on at their new baby in this stunning family portrait from Barbara Aviz of BÁRBARA AVIZ.

Honorable Mention: “Holding Two Sons”

Lindsey Ellis | L.E. Ellis Photography

In this touching photo by Lindsey Ellis of L.E. Ellis Photography, a dad holds his newborn son while keeping the memory of his older son alive.

Honorable Mention: "Dance With Me On Your Long Walk"

Kate Carlton | Kate Carlton Photography

A mom in labor seeks support from her partner as she works through the birth process in this mirror shot from Kate Carlton of Kate Carlton Photography.

Honorable Mention: “In It Together”

Lori Martinez | Lori Martinez Photography

A family rallies around a mom in labor as they all support her to bring their new baby into the world. Lori Martinez of Lori Martinez Photography is the photographer behind this touching photo.

Honorable Mention: “Fresh”

Brittney Hogue | Brittney Hogue Birth, Baby, Family

In an intimate photo from Brittney Hogue of Brittney Hogue Birth, Baby, Family, a new mom recovers from a C-section birth while holding her new baby.

Honorable Mention: "She Watches Them"

Ashley Marston | Ashley Marston Photography

Ashley Marston of Ashley Marston Photography captured this loving shot of a new dad cradling his baby while Mom watches over her family.

Honorable Mention: "Unplanned, Furious and Free"

Bree Garcia | J&B Photography LLC

Bree Garcia of J&B Photography LLC took this emotional shot of a mom on the verge of welcoming her baby to the world.

Honorable Mention: “On The Day You Were Born”

Sarah Maverick | Sarah Maverick Photography

A newborn baby takes in the world in this ethereal photo by Sarah Maverick of Sarah Maverick Photography.

Honorable Mention: "We've Got You Baby"

Belle Verdiglione | Belle Verdiglione Photography

Both parents grasp their newborn in this dramatic photo taken by Belle Verdiglione of Belle Verdiglione Photography.