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Costco Is Selling A Giant Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cheesecake, So Lose The Chocolates

You know what the best dessert on the face of the whole entire galaxy is? Cheesecake. Yes, and you know what, I can guarantee that even aliens love cheesecake. Is there a whole restaurant dedicated to chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream or cookies? No, didn't think so.

If you're really trying to send hearts a' fluttering this Valentine's Day, you gotta hook your boo up with the iconic dessert, but not in just any old spherical form.

Costco is selling a big and beautiful heart-shaped chocolate cheesecake that is guaranteed to win Valentine's Day.

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Seriously, don't serve anything else. This puppy will be the only thing anyone will care about all night, so go ahead and forget the carbonara.

The New York-style cheesecake is topped with a chocolate ganache, festive red stripes, and decorated with mini chocolate chips.

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I know this because it's originally from a popular NYC deli called Juniors.

The epic cheesecake runs for $46.99 on their website, so $20 at Costco is a steal.

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Don't even bother slicing it. Just set a fork for you and your beau, or heck, maybe just yourself, and dig right in while you binge watch Cheer for the 10 millionth time.

If chocolate isn't really your thing, Juniors also has the prettiest (and definitely super delicious) white chocolate strawberry cheesecake that you can purchase right on their website.

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Right now it's on sale for $46.99, down from $54.95.

Do the right thing. Serve up a heart-shaped cheesecake on Valentine's Day.