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Twelve-Year-Old Boy Makes Lego Wheelchair For Abandoned Two-Legged Puppy

In November 2018, a tiny puppy was abandoned at a vet's office. She had maggots crawling over her face, paws, and tail, and had no front legs.

Clearly, whoever discarded her thought she was a goner, but Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in Georgia heard about her and decided to give her a chance.

Usually, Mostly Mutts finds foster homes for their animals, but for Executive Director Tammy Turley, it was love at first sight and she adopted the puppy herself.

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Tammy has experience with disabled dogs, but was at a loss for how to help the pup, now named Gracie, improve her mobility.

Custom wheelchairs can be made, but only once a dog has fully grown.

That's when Dylan, a 12-year-old volunteer, had the idea to use Legos to build Gracie a wheelchair.

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Which is pretty darn brilliant!

Using some spare wheels, a few specialty bricks, and some imagination, Dylan made her the cutest mobility aid ever.

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Since it's made of Lego, as Gracie grew, the base could be widened and blocks added to grow her chair with her.

After some initial hesitancy, Gracie was soon motoring around everywhere.

A year later, the little dog someone thought they'd left for dead was given her own adult wheelchair.

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Even off-wheels, Gracie can really move!

It's such an incredible transformation and a great example of how a little care and imagination can change the life of an animal in need.

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