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Show Your BFF Some Love By Getting A Temporary Tattoo Of Their Face

Sometimes the people we love the most are also the hardest people to shop for. What gift could possibly come close to explaining how they much mean to us?

If you're currently looking for a unique gift and are absolutely stumped, these cute, custom temporary tattoos might just be the answer.

Your BFF, your ride-or-die, your gal pal — she is the one who makes life bearable.

But how can we thank this real-life wonder woman who sees us through our worst days, and always knows how to cheer us up with a meme or funny text?

Well, now you can honor your BFF with a temporary tattoo of her face.

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Etsy store lilimandrill sells these custom temporary tattoos with a portrait of your friend's face. You can also add text to the design if you like!

Each portrait is drawn by hand and the tattoos last about two-three days.

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Lilimandrill will create the design based on a portrait you send them at the time of purchase. Once the design is approved, your tattoos will be printed and sent to your home.

These make great gifts for everybody.

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You don't just have to limit your options to your BFF. These make great gifts for couples, your spouse... anyone really!

They are also popular favors for events like bachelor parties or weddings.

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Who wouldn't want to finish off their night of partying with a fun, temporary tattoo design? It definitely beats a bag of those weird, candy-coated almonds.

If your BFF just happens to be a dog, there's an option for that too.

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How adorable are these puppy tattoos? They're the perfect way to take your furbabies with you wherever you go.

And if tattoos aren't your thing, lillmandrill has a ton of other portrait gifts.

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There are custom mugs, stamps, and drawings. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to need to buy all of these.

Personally, I'm a big fan of these custom stamps.

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If your BFF happens to be long-distance, you can use these stamps when you write letters or cards to each other. Awww!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that your BFF will love this.

Temporary tattoos never stopped being fun, but this just takes them to a whole new level.

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