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Some Fans Have A Problem With Ashley Graham's Breast Feeding Pic: 'Is Nothing Sacred?'

Supermodel and goddess Ashley Graham and her photographer hubby Justin Ervin welcomed their son Isaac earlier this year, and the gorgeous couple couldn't be happier!

Fans have been anxiously waiting to meet their little bundle of joy since the couple made their birth announcement in January.

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Ashley then shared this series of sweet pics of baby Isaac's tiny hands earlier this week.

"At 6:00PM on 01/18/2020, we welcomed 7lbs 5oz of love into our world. Meeting our son has made our hearts incredibly full and we can’t wait to introduce him to you on @prettybigdealpod tomorrow..." she wrote.

Finally, the podcast episode arrived and we were so jazzed to meet the bébé!

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Ashley shared this loving breastfeeding photo to her 10 million followers, and while most fans completely adored the pic, others felt it was an "overshare."

"Flopping your boob out for a photo op while breastfeeding is not cute," wrote one woman.

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"When your old you will regret sharing so much," wrote another.

Thankfully, man of Ashley's fans came to her defence: "What a great example and inspiration for many families!! Thank you for the podcast episode! More people need to see this," wrote one fan.

Instagram | @ashleygraham

"The sweetest bond ever! Breastfeeding is so beautiful," wrote another.

What do you think of Ashley's breastfeeding pic? Let us know in the comments below!

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